The Underground Chef Cartel.

Toronto's Food Collective

Who Are We?

The Underground Chef Cartel (UCC) is a coalition of like-minded individuals whose primary purpose is to showcase and promote underground chefs across the globe. We are responsible for a string of highly successful popup restaurants, competitions, culinary exhibitions and the Underground Chef Battles (UCB) in Toronto. Our mission is to promote up and coming chefs and pay homage to those that are well established. Our organization promotes food trends that are not only forward thinking and trending, but sustainable, seasonal and local.


Underground Chef Battles

The UCB series encompasses the fierceness and competitive nature of the culinary industry. Truly it can be a dog eat dog world and a constant clash of dueling egos and pride. The Battle allows chefs to go head to head and compete for ultimate bragging rights and street credibility in front of an eclectic live audience comprised of other chefs, industry giants, food critics and certainly foodies. This provides a sizeable opportunity to relativity unknown chefs to showcase and demonstrate their culinary prowess and allows well known and established chefs the opportunity to defend and solidify their turf.

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